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Pair work refers to collaboration between an expert by experience and a professional. The expert by experience brings one’s own lived experiences and personal story to the collaboration, which can help the professional gain deeper insights into the client’s situation. Additionally, the expert by experience can offer valuable information and advice to the professional on how to best support and assist individuals facing similar circumstances.

Within a pair work setting, experts by experience and professionals can engage in activities such as organizing joint meetings, developing services or projects, conducting shared training sessions or lectures, and participating in decision-making and planning. The ultimate goal is to leverage experiential knowledge and perspective to enhance services and foster a better understanding of customer needs.

Collaborative work between an expert by experience and a professional can yield several benefits. These include enhancing customer participation and influence, supporting professional development and learning, and fostering the development of higher-quality, customer-centric services. This collaborative approach emphasizes mutual respect and equal partnership, with both parties contributing their unique expertise and experiences toward achieving shared goals.