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Experts by Experience

Experts by experience are individuals who have personal experience with specific challenging life situations, illnesses, disabilities, or similar matters. They have received training and skills to share and utilize their own experiences in assisting others, developing services, or decision-making.

Experts by experience can operate in various roles and environments. For instance, in healthcare, they can participate in patient organizations, provide peer support to those who are ill or disabled, attend training sessions, and collaborate with professionals. They can also contribute to research and development projects where their experiences and insights are valuable.

Experts by experience can add value to working with professionals. Their personal experience provides a deeper understanding of challenges and needs, to which professionals can then respond more effectively. Experts by experience can also offer hope and inspiration to others in similar situations, as their stories of survival can serve as examples.

The concept of expert by experience and its significance has grown in recent years. Increasingly, organizations and service providers recognize the value of experts by experience and strive to incorporate their insights into decision-making and service development. The goal is to create human-centered, collaborative, and impactful services where experts by experience play a central role.