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Activities within Experiental Knowledge

A person with experiential knowledge can be an individual who has their own or a loved one’s experience of a difficult life situation, long-term illness, injury or disability. As an expert by experience the person has received training and works mainly with people who do not have similar experience. An expert by experience shares one’s own story or participates in an activity based on own experience. The goal of the expert by experience is to share information and increase understanding. The aim is to influence wider groups of people. If you want to become an expert by experience, it is good to allow enough time to process the illness or disability before starting the activity.

Different terminology is used for individuals with experiential knowledge, depending on their educational background, the client, and the operating environment. However, their activities are similar. Experts by experience, peer supporters, trainers, and developer clients engage in the same type of activity, drawing upon their own experiences to enhance knowledge and understanding. Engaging in experiential knowledge activities provides you with the opportunity to influence aspects such as your own treatment path or social issues. Typically, training is required for tasks performed by experts by experience. This training focuses on the individual’s own situation and equips them with the necessary skills to act effectively as an expert by experience.


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