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Associations and Networks

Fattaluuta is a concept aimed at substance rehabilitation clients within STOP Huumeille ry, focusing on day and work activities and volunteer and life skills training for substance rehabilitation. Fattaluuta is a trained peer support guide that supports individuals navigating the bureaucratic jungle, helping them find the right services, correctly completing application forms, and even accompanying them during meetings or phone appointments. .

KoKoA – Koulutetut kokemusasiantuntijat ry is a volunteer organization with over 500 trained experts by experience. 

Kokemustalo ry is a development organization for expert by experience activities. It focuses on developing and establishing expert by experience practices in the Central Finland region. The mission extends nationwide, as trained experts by experience are connected with relevant work assignments.

The national Kokemustoimintaverkosto comprises nearly 40 national patient, disability, and family organizations, along with approximately 700 experts by experience across different regions of Finland. 

Mielen ry is a pioneer in experience expertise in Finland, with continuous operations spanning over 20 years. While primarily a local organization, Mielen ry is also actively involved in national development and networking efforts to promote experience expertise.

Taiteen Sulattamo organizes experience-based and peer-led activities through art. Their activities encompass training for experts by experience and peer group facilitators, as well as training for trainers. Additionally, they provide a support network for graduated experts by experience, peer group facilitators, and trainers.

Tukikohta ry Osis – strengthening peer participation – offers peer activity training and the opportunity to act as a peer for those who are currently or have previously been involved in substance use. Osis provides a space for peer work, training, and recreational activities. As part of this community, you can spend time together, either participating in Osis’s peer shifts or within your own social circle. Osis’s outreach team roams the Kallio district and its surrounding areas, assisting people who use substances by guiding them toward services and Osis’s programs.

Vertaistalo is an online service that helps individuals find peer support and reliable information related to peer support. In addition to supporting those with illnesses, peer support is organized around various life crises and themes. The goal is to provide patients and their loved ones with easy access to peer support services while enabling organizations to facilitate the transmission of peer support. 

Werkko ry trains, coaches, and supports individuals working in peer and experiential expert roles. They also mediate employment opportunities for experts by experience and organize events, information sessions, and lectures where experiential knowledge is needed.